Guilt and remorse cloak Daniel’s heart like a dark shroud. Believing he is unworthy of love, he refuses to allow himself to experience any of life’s joys. But then Fate—and a wise judge—thrusts Daniel into the incredible world of a child named Angel, and the wall he has erected around his emotions begins to crumble. Although she’s just seven years old and she’s battling a terminal illness, Angel is an old soul, and she begins to open Daniel’s heart with her child-like innocence, her seemingly ageless wisdom, and her angelic spirit. Through laughter, tears, and by exposing his fears, Daniel discovers the power of love and forgiveness.

But this inspiring and entertaining story doesn’t end there. Daniel’s little Angel has a dying wish: she wants to light up the world with love. She has to convince Daniel that life is too short not to love, and she has only eight weeks to complete her task. In the end, Angel’s shocking confession opens Daniel’s eyes, shows him that his destiny is tied to hers, and sets in motion The Quest to Lovify the World.

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If you haven’t had an opportunity to read Book I and if you are curious about this “love story”, then here is chapter 1 for your review:”

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