Our mission is to help light up the world with love! We are grateful that you have shown an interest because “Lovifying the World” should be our collective mission.  My late Auntie Dora used to say, “curiosity is our intuition’s way of getting our attention.”  If you are curious and haven’t had an opportunity to read Book I yet, you can read chapter 1 in the “About the Book” page.
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Lovify Book 1 Review:

Wow! What an amazing heartfelt story on lighting up the world with love, one human being at a time. This book not only serves as a heart-warming story that is easy to read again and again, but it also serves as an inspirational guide to practicing the healing art of self-love and loving others. Thank you Dr. Luv for inspiring me to keep my love light on, and for warming my heart immensely with each read. I wait with great anticipation for book 2!!, Tyler M, Maple Ridge, BC

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